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haid-tec Terrace Sets – Your solution for impeccable terrace cleaning

With haid-tec sets, professional cleaning of patio tiles as well as stone and cobblestone surfaces is possible for everyone, yielding excellent results. These sets offer great value for money and provide a comprehensive solution for quickly and effortlessly freeing your terrace from dirt and debris. 
 3x Plus with haid-tec Terrace Cleaning Sets: 
  • Complete Solutions for Every Challenge: Each haid-tec terrace set is carefully compiled, including a cleaning machine, pads, and cleaning chemicals to rid your terrace of dirt, moss, and deposits. 
  • Efficiency and Time Savings: Save valuable time and effort with haid-tec terrace sets. Our sets enable quick and thorough cleaning that goes far beyond what conventional methods offer. 
  • Sustainability and Quality: At haid-tec, we place a high emphasis on sustainability and durability. Our pads are made of high-quality materials. The haid-tec terrace cleaner is plant-safe and biodegradable.