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haid-tec Pads for cleaning machines

Buy machine pads, pad discs and pads for your cleaning machine online now in the haid-tec shop.
The use of haid-tec pads for cleaning machines enables you to clean floor coverings in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. The use of pads for cleaning machines and the associated cleaning agents is recommended, especially on large floor areas. The haid-tec pads for cleaning machines can be used with all common cleaning agents without any problems.

 The machine pads from haid-tec are suitable for all cleaning machines.
The MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads are suitable for single-disc machines, scrubbing machines, orbital machines and eccentric machines. We also offer pads for i-mop, pads for Numatic NUC244NX, pads for TASKI swingo and pads for Nilfisk cleaning machines. In addition to the pads, we also offer the associated driver plates for the i-mop, on which the pads are mounted. The size of the cleaning pad must match your cleaning machine. Our pads have a diameter of 8" - 21" (corresponding to 280 mm to 530 mm diameter).

The pads for cleaning machines from haid-tec are suitable for all types of mineral floor coverings. 
haid-tec's melamine pads and polypads are suitable for cleaning various mineral floor coverings such as fine stoneware, tiles, natural stone, cast stone, artificial stone and also for structured surfaces.

 Depending on the area of application and the degree of soiling, select the right pad for your cleaning machine. 
MelaminPlusPads are particularly suitable for floor coverings made of fine stoneware with very heavy soiling. PolyPlusPads are suitable for the maintenance cleaning of a wide variety of floor coverings in order to keep the cleaning level at a high level for a long time. At haid-tec you will find the right pad and the right cleaning agent for your cleaning task.

The material of the haid-tec pads for cleaning machines

The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads are made from recycled German melamine foam and the haid-tec polypads are made from fine polyester active fibres. We equip our pads with a robust scouring fleece backing as standard. This backing material adheres well to all types of pad holders (pintle, hooked, rubber knobs and bristle pad holders). During manual cleaning, the scouring fleece can be used to pre-clean coarse dirt. The pads for orbital machines and eccentric machines are equipped with a high-quality Velcro backing that can easily transfer the large forces from the machine to the floor covering.

If you have any questions about our pads for cleaning machines, we are at your disposal.
Please use our contact form to let us know which cleaning machine you have. From a certain batch, we also produce custom-made products and make the right pad for your machine.