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Porcelain stoneware maintenance cleaner 1L
hervorragende Schmutzentfernung, Antikalk-Formel, nachhaltig mit EU ecolabelhaid-tec Feinsteinzeug Reiniger ist ein alkalischer, hocheffizienter Reiniger für die tägliche Unterhaltsreinigung mineralischer Bodenbeläge wie Feinsteinzeugfliesen oder Naturwerkstein. Gut für Reinigungsautomaten geeignet.Vorteile von haid-tec Feinsteinzeug Unterhaltsreiniger 1LHervorragende Schmutzentfernungswirkung dank spezieller(nicht schichtbildender) Tenside auf Basis nachwachsender RohstoffeAntikalk-Formel verhindert effektiv Kalkablagerungen in der Maschine,sowie die „Vergrauung“ der BodenbelägeFrei von Phosphaten, Farb- und DuftstoffenKennzeichnungsfrei nach CLP-VerordnungDosierung & AnwendungRichtige Dosierung spart Kosten und schont die Umwelt. Im Vergleich zu handelsüblichen, weniger konzentrierten Reinigern wird eine geringereDosierung benötigt. Dosierung jeweils nach Verschmutzungsgrad und Wasserhärte variieren. Flecken können i. d. R. mit Mischung 1 Teil Reiniger plus 6 Teile Wasser entfernt werden.

MelaminPlusPad for i-mopXL
for i-mop XL optimized version - for cleaning heavily soiled floors; maximum dirt removal, long service life.Product Description - melamine pad for i-mop XLMelamine pad with scouring fleece backing and 85mm inner hole, punching included, max. 23mm pad height, suitable for small machines such as the i-mop XL equipped with Velcro drive platesapplication instructions for melamine pad for i-mop XLfor basic and daily cleaningappropriate for many types of flooring surface, e.g.  mineral floor coverings, stoneware,  natural stones, artificial stones and structured surfaces (test in an inconspicuous area before use)please note the product data and the instruction sheetsadvantages of melamine pads for i-mop XLoutstanding mechanical cleaning resultsDesigned especially for i-mop XLlong product lifetime of around 10,000 m2 per padusage is possible  with all established cleaning agents

From €13.95*
PolyPlusPad for scrubber dryer
extremely long service life and high dirt removal, washable up to 60°, can be used with all cleaning agents.Product Description - PolyPlusPad for srubber dryersThe PolyPlusPads consist of polyester active fibers that are finer than the fibers of conventional scouring pads or the bristles of brushes. The fine fibers get deeper into the microscopic depressions of the surface and can thus effectively remove dirt. Pile height approx. 8-10mm, with a robust back and 85mm inner hole as well as stable binding, sewn on the outside with a quilted seam.application instructions for PolyPlusPads for scrubber dryerssuitable for various floor coverings, such as:  stoneware, natural stone, structured tiles, rubber nub coverings, etc.san be used on almost all scrubber dryers using standard pad holdersplease note the product data and the instruction sheetsadvantages of PolyPlusPad for scrubber dryersoutstanding cleaning results on mineral and resilient floor coveringslong service life of up to 100,000 square meters and morecan be used with all common cleaning agents without any problemscleaning in the washing machine up to 60° (without fabric softener - no dryer) possible at any time

From €15.35*
MelaminPlusPad 17inch/430mm for scrubber dryer
for cleaning heavily soiled floors; easy to assemble, maximum dirt removal, long service life.product description - melamine pad for scrubber dryersPad  with a strong backing, center hole 85mm, incl. cut-out  in the rebounded sponge material, thus installation is very easily for scrubber dryers.application instructions for melamine pad for scrubber dryersfor basic and daily cleaningfits standard pad holder size, thus can be used with almost all scrubber dryers and single-disc machinesappropriate for many types of flooring surface, e.g.  mineral floor coverings, stoneware,  natural stones, artificial stones and structured surfaces (test in an inconspicuous area before use)please note the product data and the instruction sheetsadvantages of melamine pads für scrubber dryersoutstanding mechanical cleaning resultsEasy to assemblelong product lifetime of around 10,000 m2 per padusage is possible  with all established cleaning agents

Variants from €13.92*
From €24.93*
HandPad Set with Telescopic Handle
effiziente Handreinigung, für Rand- und Eckbereiche, maximale SchmutzenfernungMit diesem HandPad Set ist die Reinigung von „Sicherheitsfliesen“ mit hervorragendem Reinigungsergebnis für jedermann möglich. Speziell für kleine Flächen oder zur Reinigung von Ecken, Kanten und schwierig zugänglichen Bereichen.Das Set besteht aus:Aluminium Teleskopstiel 2-teilig, 85-180 cmHandPad-Halterung mit Stielgelenk115*250 mm Melamin HandPad; VPE 5 Stk.140x250 mm Rechteck PolyPlusPad OE ; VPE 1 Stk.1L Flasche haid-tec® Feinsteinzeug Reiniger


haid-tec: Your expert for anti slippy products & cleaning of stoneware and tiles

We increase the slip resistance of fine stoneware tiles with the patented haid-tec process.

We develop, produce and sell sustainable cleaning products.

We create efficient cleaning concepts tailored to your needs that have a long-term effect.

We advise customers from different industries on how porcelain stoneware floors remain safe and clean for a long time.

Our mission

We are committed to ensure that you can present safe and clean floors to your customers. Safe in terms of slip resistance. Clean in the sense of efficient cleaning with environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning agents.

safe and clean with few chemicals 

Our promise

As the developer and manufacturer of the haid-tec MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads as well as our green and thorough porcelain stoneware cleaner, we are happy to promise you:

Maximum cleaning performance while saving chemicals, effort and time!

Unsere Neuheiten

Kupil Glass Cleaner 500ml
no long-term damage to plastic frames, prevents yellow stains, streak-free glass cleaningKupil window cleaner for glass and plastic frames500ml spray bottleDeveloped especially for plastic / PVC windows, doors and roller shutters made of plastic.The plastic window profiles are particularly durable and have a smooth, weather-resistant surface. Proper cleaning of the PVC profiles with suitable cleaning agents is particularly important for longevity and value retention, so windows and doors keep their beautiful appearance for decades.Ready to use - correct dosage,gentle on profile surfaces,Removes dust, dirt, grease and nicotine film,Without dyes, fragrances and phosphates,Biodegradable,antibacterial,skin friendly,non-allergenic,Non-flammable.applicationturn the nozzle until "SPRAY" is at the top. Spray on and wipe off with a dry, lint-free cloth. If necessary, remove coarse dirt in advance.

Content: 0.5 Liter (€19.90* / 1 Liter)

front squeegee for i-mopXL
Spare part suitable for i-mop XL. High-quality execution - durable.1x front squeegee for i-mopXLWith original cutting, easy to assemble.

Stain remover plus 500 ml
for extreme soiling, removes Edding, glue residue, oils and grease, sustainable, green solvents.haid-tec stain remover plus - for removing all kinds of stains from porcelain stoneware tiles, especially adhesive residues, sharpie, rubber abrasion, öl-containing dirt formers, graffiti, ….Application for the removal of adhesive residuesApply haid-tec stain remover plus to dry floor and leave to act for approx. 1-5 min - do not allow the solvent to evaporate completely!The water-soluble solvents emulsify the adhesive and make the adhesive residues on the floor covering water-soluble.A) Cleaning with scrubber-dryer: Remove the emulsified adhesive residues without residue using a pad on the scrubber-dryer and rinse the floor covering by running it down twice with plenty of water.B) Hand cleaning: Floor covering with scrubbing pad / melamine hand pad mechanically rework, then rinse with plenty of water and absorb dirt liquor.Advantages of haid-tec stain remover PLUSAll-round stain remover against all kinds of stains on porcelain stoneware tiles, especially adhesive residues, sharpie, rubber abrasion, öl-containing soilersGreen chemistry: all emulsifiers declaration-free - No adhesive residues in the form of „rubber residues“Low odour due to „grüne“ lösemitents and alcohols (known from common bottle disinfectants)Due to the high content of Lösemittel faster efficacy (swelling) compared to aqueous surfactant solutionsDespite the solvent content, there is no serious fire hazard due to the very low application dosage and the water solubilityNo permanent stains or damage to the tile surfaceThe first choice for stains of unknown origin. *article in „Rationell Reinigen“ –  August 2021. source: Holzmann Medien GmbH & Co.KG,

Content: 0.5 Liter (€51.90* / 1 Liter)

Pad set for i-mop Lite
Set to test your i-mop Lite; even better cleaning results!Set consists of 2x MelaminPlusPad and 2x PolyPlusPad.* MelaminPlusPads with maximum mechanical cleaning performance* PolyPlusPads with extreme long lifetime haid-tec Pads for i-mop LiteMelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads are a perfect fit for your  i-mop LiteInner hole for good water flowSolid fleece backing for good power transmission and protection of the floor covering and the driver platePolyPlusPads with a pile height of 10 mm, sewn with high-quality quilting and edged with a robust outer bandMelaminPlusPads with maximum mechanical cleaning performance and a long service life of up to 10,000 m²PolyPlusPads for high cleaning performance with low battery consumptionMelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads can be used with all common cleaning agents without any problems

Drive plates set for i-mop Lite with PolyPlusPads
Drive plates for optimal pad use; easy change from brush to MelaminPlusPads; great cleaning results!The set consists of:2x PolyPlusPad® (PPP_imopLite)2x driver plates with i-mop holderDriver plate set for i-mop Lite with PolyPlusPadsDismantle the brush - install the driver plate; easy change to PolyPlusPads suitable for i-mop Lite.In order to use pads, you need the driver plate that fits your i-mopLite. These are quick and easy to install. The PolyPlusPads impress with high cleaning performance and low battery consumption. With a pile height of 10 mm, sewn with high-quality quilting and edged with a robust outer band, the PolyPlusPads are particularly durable and can be used with all common cleaning agents without any problems.


What our customers say about us

"The vibrating movements of the machine in combination with the pads made of melamine foam allow you to get deep into the pores of the safety tiles; the use of  chemicals is no longer necessary."

 Johannes Breinlinger  
CEO toma Gebäudereinigungsgesellschaft

"The haid-tec stain remover removes adhesive residue more thoroughly than other cleaning agents"

Ercan Sevim 
CEO EBS Gebäudereingung

"The pads from haid-tec are very durable and stable and, due to their nature, get the deep-seated dirt out really well."

Sylke Thomas
Project Manager Gebäudeservice Elster

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Grants, certificates, memberships

The further development was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology based on a resolution of the German Bundestag

Manufacture and sale of cleaning products for floor coverings, as well as advice and support for floor cleaning concepts

Member of the European Research Association for Cleaning and Hygiene Technology e.V. (FRT)

IHK training company

Acid flies association e.V. in Grossburgwedel. Renowned research and consulting institute for wall and floor coverings.

Research Seal of the Foundation Association, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

haid-tec - everything for cleaning floors, especially stoneware tiles

The haid-tec shop is the first address when it comes to cleaning floor coverings, especially porcelain stoneware. In our range you will find, among other things: Machine pads - our melamine pads and polypads - for your single-disc machine, scrubbing machine, orbital machine, eccentric machine, i-mop, NUMATIC NUC 244NX, TASKI swingo 250 µicro, Nilfisk 150 mm cleaning machine. We also produce cleaning supplies for initial cleaning, cement residue removal, basic cleaning and maintenance cleaning, stain removers, window cleaners and the right accessories for cleaning porcelain stoneware floors. We also offer dirt erasers and hand pads for manual cleaning.

haid-tec - Professional advice on all aspects of cleaning stoneware and tiles

As part of our cleaning concepts we will be happy to advise you on all possible challenges. We will show you how to clean your floor effectively and efficiently. In our blog you will find help and tips for cleaning porcelain stoneware. Our newsletter will keep you up to date on all of our new posts and campaigns. Our service team is there for you and will be happy to advise you on the search for the right pad for your machine or the right cleaning agent for your porcelain stoneware floor.

haid-tec - more than 20 years experience

haid-tec geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH is a Swabian family company. Our know-how in processing and cleaning porcelain stoneware floors has grown over the past 20 years. With the patented haid-tec process  we increase the slip resistance of your floors. With our cleaning products, we ensure that your floors are always clean and anti-slippery