MelaminPlusPad 12inch/305mm for orbital machine - for intensive cleaning and daily cleaning

Solid velcro backing
Designed for orbital machines
Maximum dirt removal
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size - round
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Product information "MelaminPlusPad 12inch/305mm for orbital machine - for intensive cleaning and daily cleaning"

with high-strength velcro backing for cleaning heavily soiled floors, long service life, easy pad change

Product description - melamine pads for orbital machines

round melamine pads with high-strength velcro backing for optimal power transmission of the high-frequency vibrations of the orbital machine. Version with velcro backing for mounting on vibrating plates with velcro hooks.

Melamine pads for orbital machines are suitable for the following machines:
Klindex: Mini Orbit

Application instructions of melamine pads for orbital machines

for basic and daily cleaning Fields of application appropriate for many types of flooring surface, e.g. mineral floor coverings, stoneware, natural stones, artificial stones and structured surfaces (test in an inconspicuous area before use)
easy construction
please note the product data sheet and application information

Advantages of melamine pads for orbital machines

CLEAN - With the haid-tec Melamine Plus Pad Basic your floor will shine like new - Together with an orbital machine you will get an incredible cleaning result. It can be used with all common cleaning agents without any problems
STRONG - Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials, our melamine pad from haid-tec is extremely tear-resistant and therefore has a service life of 10,000 square meters and more during routine cleaning.
DIRT - Our premium pad for orbital machines removes even the most stubborn dirt. After an effective cleaning, your floor will shine like on the first day.
SURFACES - The melamine pad for orbital machines cleans your mineral floor coverings and textured surfaces and gives them an unimaginable shine.
QUALITY - Save time and money with our high-performance and sustainable melamine pad made from high-quality melamine resin foam.

cleaning machine: orbital machine
pad: MelaminPlusPad
size - round: 12 inch
backing : Velcro backing
shape: round
item weight: 0.14 kg

Product Data Instructions
cleaning machine: orbital machine
pad: MelaminPlusPad
size - round: 12 inch
backing : Velcro backing
shape: round
item weight: 0.14 kg

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