PolyPlusPads for TASKI swingo 250 µicro

You can improve the cleaning performance of your TASKI swingo 250 µicro with the haid-tec PolyPlusPads.

 3x Plus with PolyPlusPads: 

  • Easy assembly: The pads are easy to assemble on the TASKI swingo 250 µicro
  • Firm hold: The robust fleece backing of the pads ensures a firm hold. 
  • Specific design: full pad use thanks to a pad design specifically developed for the TASKI swingo 250 µicro. 
Pad set for Taski swingo 250 µicro
Test set for your Taski swingo 250 µicro; even better cleaning results!Set consists of 2x MelaminPlusPad and 2x PolyPlusPad.haid-tec pads for Taski swingo 250 µicroMelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads are a perfect fit for your Taski swingo 250 µicroInner hole for good water flow as well as centric assembly and fixation using CenterlockSolid fleece backing for good power transmission and protection of the floor covering and the driver platePolyPlusPads with a pile height of 10 mm, sewn with high-quality quilting and edged with a robust outer bandMelaminPlusPads with maximum mechanical cleaning performance and a long service life of up to 10,000 m²PolyPlusPads for high cleaning performance with low battery consumptionMelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads can be used with all common cleaning agents without any problems

PolyPlusPad 8.6inch for Taski swingo 250 µicro
extremely long service life and high dirt removal, washable up to 60°, can be used with all cleaning agents.Product description - PolyPlusPad for Taski swingo 250 µicroThe PolyPlusPads consist of polyester active fibers that are finer than the fibers of conventional scouring pads or the bristles of brushes. The fine fibers get deeper into the microscopic depressions of the surface and can thus effectively remove dirt. Pile height approx. 8-10mm, with a robust spine and 85mm inner hole as well as stable bordering sewn on the outside with a quilted seam, suitable e.g. for Taski swingo 250 µicro.application instructions for PolyPlusPads for Taski swingo 250 µicrosuitable for various floor coverings, such as:  stoneware, natural stone, structured tiles, rubber nub coverings, etc.san be used on almost all scrubber dryers using standard pad holdersplease note the product data and the instruction sheetsadvantages of PolyPlusPad for Taski swingo 250 µicrooutstanding cleaning results on mineral and resilient floor coveringslong service life of up to 100,000 square meters and morecan be used with all common cleaning agents without any problemscleaning in the washing machine up to 60° (without fabric softener - no dryer) possible at any time

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