Melamine pads for Numatic NUC244NX 

You can improve the cleaning performance of your Numatic NUC244NX with the haid-tec MelaminPlusPads.

 3x Plus with MelaminPlusPads: 

  • Easy assembly: The pads are easy to assemble on the Numatic NUC244NX. 
  • Firm hold: The robust fleece backing of the pads ensures a firm hold. 
  • Specific design: full pad use thanks to a pad design specifically developed for the Numatic NUC244NX.

MelaminPlusPad 8.6inch for NUC244NX
For NUC 244NX optimized version - for cleaning heavily soiled floors; maximum dirt removal, long service life.Product Description - melamine pad for Numatic NUC244NXMelamine pad with inner hole for good water flow as well as centric assembly and fixation using a center lockSolid fleece backing for good power transmission and protection of the floor covering and the drive platesapplication instructions for melamine pad Numatic NUC244NXfor basic and daily cleaningappropriate for many types of flooring surface, e.g.  mineral floor coverings, stoneware,  natural stones, artificial stones and structured surfaces (test in an inconspicuous area before use)please note the product data and the instruction sheetsadvantages of melamine pads for Numatic NUC244NXoutstanding mechanical cleaning resultsDesigned especially for Numatic NUC244NXlong product lifetime of around 10,000 m2 per padusage is possible  with all established cleaning agents

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